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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to EASILY sell your products and services with sales copy that you write ONE time and use over and over again?


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have online funnels working for you, growing your business, making you money, even while you sleep or go on vacation?

Imagine the impact that would have on your business and on your life …

... for you to finally be able to EASILY create funnels like that and have them convert like crazy.

You’re about to discover how you can make that happen today.

If you’re brand new to direct response marketing and you want to create your own marketing funnels and write all the copy yourself, without hiring a pro …


If you’ve been at this a while and you’ve been winging it and sort of cobbling together bits of knowledge about direct response marketing to write your sales copy (and maybe that hasn’t been as successful as you would have liked it to be…


If you’ve studied extensively and you’re still not really getting it …

Then you’ll love what you learn here today because …

It Doesn't Have To Be So Hard!
While quite a lot does go into it, we believe that it really can be EASY for you to create high-converting sales copy.

Unfortunately, we see so much confusion among entrepreneurs and very little clarity when it comes to how to write a sales message that actually … SELLS.
Most people are unclear about
how to create high-converting sales copy.
They don’t really know the rules, the order of things, and all that they must include and therefore they either don’t move forward with putting out offers and making sales or they are forced to pay high-ticket rates for a pro to do it for them.

Frankly, sometimes, even for successful entrepreneurs, a $15,000 or $25,000 price tag on a professionally written funnel is just out of reach. 
Can you relate?

But, please pardon my French here … we are officially calling bullshit on the myth that the average entrepreneur must pony up that kind of cash to get results.

We KNOW it’s not true.

But, we can still relate to that uncertainty you feel about copywriting because there was a time when it was all very unclear to us too, even though we were surrounded by great direct response copywriters and more advanced copy courses than you’d believe.

We really do get what it’s like to not know where to start, even though we knew so many of the “rules” of direct response.  
Knowing the rules is very different
than knowing ALL that goes into creating
a HIGH-CONVERTING sales letter.
But creating truly EFFECTIVE sales copy is NOT some mysterious art form that would take eons to learn.

You just need to have the framework, and a few important tools to get the job done.

My name is Alyson Lex and I am the Co-Founder of AskACopyExpert.com along with my longtime friend and fellow expert, Julie Boswell.

Combined we have over 19 years of freelance direct response copywriting experience.

We have studied and worked at honing our copywriting skills for even longer than that. And we will always continue to do so because it does take MASTERY to be great.
But, just like you CAN
learn to play’ heart and soul on the piano,
you CAN learn to write sales copy that converts.
And if you DON’T finally commit developing this skill …

You’ll be FORCED to suffer with either dismal results from half-assed marketing or diminished ROI because you’ll have to pay high fees for compelling copy.

Or worse, you could stay put and stuck and NOT market your business with the speed and energy it requires to really grow the way you know you should.
What happens if you keep winging it?
If you’re winging it, you’re not alone. Most people are winging it. Honestly, there are even some so-called professional copywriters out there winging it.

But that’s not how the REAL pros do it.
If you want professional results, you need to follow a proven process.
But I’ll confess …

I actually started writing sales copy professionally BEFORE I adopted a real formula (and Julie did too).

We both knew of and referenced the famous formulas like AIDA (which stands for agitate, interest, desire, action), but it wasn’t until I had been writing professionally for years that I adopted a real, detailed formula.

Up until that point, I had access to more direct response marketing information and tools than most people do.

I was working for the mega gurus, Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer as the Director of Marketing for GKIC, which meant that I was at the helm of the marketing department for the largest provider of information marketing education in the world.

Not only did I meet for hours every week one-on-one with Bill Glazer, but I also had access to pretty much any marketing information I wanted, including Bill Glazer’s personal stash of CDs and books.

Julie was actually the one that hired me at GKIC.

For years we worked together executing Glazer-Kennedy marketing that sold info-products, filled two LIVE National events (The Info-SUMMIT, and the SuperConference), as well as many levels of GKIC Membership including high-level masterminds.  
Then, when Julie left her Director of Marketing position there, I took over.
Speaking of high level masterminds, Julie had the good fortune to travel along with Bill to some of Dan Kennedy’s Platinum meetings and his own mastermind meetings so she was there in person while small group think tanks gathered to solve problems and grow their businesses.

She was almost literally the fly on the wall during masterminds that included …

Yanik Silver, Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, Ryan Deiss, Ali Brown, Rory Fatt, Lloyd Irvin, and many more of the sharpest marketers you could meet.

While those are all fun names to drop into the back story, and we both did learn quite a lot through osmosis and through executing all the marketing for GKIC …
It wasn’t until we starting writing for private clients (without Bill Glazer’s help) that we both realized the importance of a formula. 
The hard truth is that whatever concepts and tricks we learned from the countless hours of listening to Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer copywriting courses, we still didn’t have a formula and a detailed process for creating copy that sells.

It wasn’t until we were buried in client work and finding it sooooooooo hard to consistently create really compelling, high-converting copy that we finally adopted a formula that works.

Before that we both had our own individual short formulas that were easy to remember and did a good enough job to sort of keep us on track as we wrote, but it did NOTHING for guaranteeing that we included all of the critical psychological elements necessary for conversion.

Now we ALWAYS use our proven and detailed formula and have developed a complete process to consistently produce compelling, HIGH-CONVERTING copy whenever we need to.
Together we’ve created a truly complete system that ensures that we NEVER miss a critical copy element or fail to include an important selling point.
Our process and our formula do the heavy lifting of always making sure we cover every angle … 
And the result is that our clients
get such great results that they
come back for more!
Now imagine what it would be like for YOU to finally get your offers out there converting like crazy, making your money and flooding your business with new clients.

Imagine how empowered you’ll feel to finally take control of this one elusive area in business that is so critical to your success. 

Imagine the FREEDOM, and the financial windfall! 

Maybe you’ll be able to provide better for your family.

Maybe you’ll be able to travel more, upgrade your home, or afford a better college.

Or maybe you’ll finally be able to just help more people and scale your business beyond your current level and play a MUCH BIGGER GAME.

Exciting right?

Think about how writing has played out for you so far.

Do you just sit down and start tapping away at the keyboard?

Does it flow easily?

Do you always know what to say?

Probably not.

It Could Be That Easy.
It could be that easy if you had a PROVEN, detailed formula to follow that would allow you to EASILY create copy for ANY application whenever you needed it.
It could be that easy if you had PROVEN templates that would allow you to just copy and paste from your formula and do almost no thinking at all to have all the copy you need show up in just the right spots on landing pages, emails, and sales letters.

It could be that easy if you knew exactly what questions to ask and answer in detail to get to the heart of what matters most to your prospects.

And I’m not talking about surface level B.S. regarding what kind of car they drive (although that could be important too).

I’m talking about your copy practically writing itself once you have the detailed answers to the most important questions you can ask about a target market.

Good News My Friend!

We have compiled all of our templates and tools and put them together in a nice neat little system that you can use to create winning sales copy whenever you need to.

We call this special copywriting system …
This is how you’ll
EASILY Create High-Converting Sales Copy 
Just Like The Pros Do
This system is worth all the tea in China to me …

because to succeed in business, what you really REALLY need …

is the ability to sell.

That’s what this system does for you. It sells for you!

That’s why we call it the Ultimate Sales Generator. When you use it and implement, it will actually generate sales for you - even while you sleep or go on vacation!
It includes our proprietary Pre-Writing Analysis (a $1,997.00 value)
This is the ultimate customer profile tool. This detailed pre-writing analysis is the genesis of great, high-converting sales copy.

It’s filled with the questions you need to ask and the space for you to fill in the answers so you literally work through the process of getting to know your target market and when you’re done, it’ll all be fully explored and documented for you to refer back to whenever you write to that audience.
This one tool is the BIG difference between the way the pros create copy and the way everyone else does it.

And this one tool makes all the difference in conversion.
You’ll also get our Master Sales Generator Copy Playbook (a $1,997.00 value)
This is the playbook that everyone has always asked us for.

It includes a detailed walkthrough of our 23-Step Sales Copy Formula broken down bit by bit.
Best of all, it leaves space for you to fill in your unique copy on each page so by the time you’re finished going through this playbook you’ll have all the copy you need ALREADY WRITTEN so you can literally copy what you write in the playbook into your very own long form sales letter.  
This is very cool. And frankly we thought of offering this playbook all on its own, but the Pre-Writing Analysis is too important.
PLUS, we know you want templates!

That’s why we’re also including several key templates to help you complete your funnel. You’ll get …
Our Master Sales Letter Template - A $997.00 value
This is the ultimate long form sales copy resource.

With this template in hand, you’re walked step by step through the construction of your sales letter. So, even if you’ve never written a sales letter before, when you have this template, YOU CAN!
What’s so special about this template is that it leaves no emotional stone unturned.
It includes 23 steps that explore all the pertinent psychological angles and exploits every opportunity to convert your prospects into buyers.

And it even includes cosmetic instructions and examples so you’ll know where and how to bold, use color, use capitalization, and even how to break the copy up into easily digestible small paragraphs – all geared toward increasing readership.

We'll also show you how your testimonials should look, what they should include, and where to put them.

You’ll really have the ultimate sales letter creation tool in your hands when you get this template. In fact, we use it for every sales letter we write for our private clients who pay us thousands of dollars to create high converting sales copy for them.

Now, you can skip those fees and do it yourself for a fraction of the cost… and get professional results too!
Auto-responder Template(s) - A $347.00 value
In most cases, more than half of your results come from follow-up.

If this hasn’t been the case for you, it could very well be because you don’t know what to say to convert prospects into buyers in a follow up email.
That uncertainty will finally come to an end when you get this PROVEN 7-step Autoresponder template.
You’ll know what each email should be about throughout the follow up process.

You’ll understand where to pull your subject lines from, so these emails get opened and get read.

You’ll be able to easily rework copy for your sales page to include in the appropriate parts of these emails.

And most importantly, you’ll know how to effortlessly sell while being of service to these people who need your solution.

Once again, this is an invaluable tool that we put into play for every one of our private clients who pays us handsomely to create high converting copy for them.

Now, you’ll have it to put to work for your business without paying our private client rates.

3 Opt-In Page Templates - A $397.00 value
These templates remove all of the guesswork out of figuring out what your copy needs to look like.

Cosmetically enhancing sales copy effectively takes a lot of practice and a lot of time to master. And Julie is constantly teaching some of our copywriting clients the nuances of copy cosmetics. 
What these templates do is give you the cosmetic framework to know what goes where and what it’s supposed to look like.

Using these templates is how you’ll make writing high-converting copy EASY!

And that’s really what this system is all about.
We’ve ONLY included what you need and nothing you don’t. We don’t want give you something over-inflated with fluff stuff you won’t use. We just want this to be as easy, clear, systematic, and most of all EFFECTIVE for you as possible.
But we do have some sweet bonuses that we’re offering for a LIMITED TIME that will make your writing even more effective and even EASIER!  
BONUS #1 - My Headline Generator Video Tutorial (A $497.00 value) 
Headlines are often what makes or breaks response. Eight out of ten readers will NEVER make it past the headline. Scary!

But, once you learn my tricks for generating headlines quickly, you’ll be able to generate killer headlines at will.

BONUS #2 - Julie’s Subject Line Generator Video Tutorial (A $497.00 Value)
Subject lines are so important! But most people have no idea how to write them. And really, it wasn’t until I learned Julie’s Jedi subject line tricks that I really started getting amazing open rates.

Remember folks, if your emails don’t get opened, they don’t get read. This bonus video tutorial will show you exactly what you need to know to get your emails opened and read.
(A $250.00 Value)
This is how you’ll get expert eyes on your marketing which is a big secret the pros use that the rest of the world needs to catch up with.
Getting feedback on your marketing from real experts will give you an edge that your competitors don’t have.
You’ll submit your sales letter or whatever you want us to review and we will return it to you marked up with our detailed suggestions for improvement!

We’re not going to just tell you to “get a better headline” or “make your call to action stronger.” We’re going to go in-depth with you and tell you WHY we’re suggesting the changes we’re suggesting.

We’re going to give you suggestions on how you can improve your copy PLUS we’re going to give you the strategy and psychology behind it.

That means we’re spending a substantial amount of time with each one of your pieces - we’re asking questions, tweaking, sometimes even rewriting, and it’s all personalized specifically for you and your business and the marketing piece you’ve sent us.
Here’s why these reviews are so valuable…
This review allows you to get inside our heads - to see what we know and have us apply it directly to your business. WithOUT paying our high-ticket, done-for-you fees.

You’re getting EXPERT eyes on your marketing… but now, you’re also able to learn how to become great at creating sales copy that converts on your own, which is an essential skill for any business owner.
An ACE review is like figuratively having an “ACE in your pocket” that you can rely on …
  • To save your butt from making BIG marketing mistakes, 
  • To give you confidence that your marketing is as good as it can be before it goes out,
  • To potentially give you that one extra tweak or two that will push your results over the edge and take you from average conversion to knocking it out of the park!
The regular fee for this review service is $250.00 per review.

But you’ll get ONE REVIEW COMPLETELY FREE as a bonus when you invest in the Ultimate Sales Generator System today.  
I haven’t mentioned this yet, but it's important for you to know that the Ultimate Sales Generator is a PHYSICAL system, that includes real books that you’ll be able to touch and feel with your own hands and write on with your own highlighter and pencils. This is a tangible resource that you’ll keep at your desk and use again and again.

But because we know how much we all love our electronic versions of well … everything, we’ve decided to go ahead and include copies of the manuals, templates, and videos on a ... Thumbdrive!

All told, here’s everything you get in the system …
TOTAL VALUE = $6,979.00
Now consider the fact that our current rate for a done-for-you sales funnel starts at $15,000.00. We’ve arrived at this valuation for this system by being very conservative.

The truth is that this resource should be MUCH more valuable to you than just $6,979.00.

When you drive traffic to what this system will help you create, you’ll have the ability to generate many times that amount.

But still, we know that almost 7 grand is out of reach for so many people and we want you to get this system. We want you to use it. We know you’ll find tremendous value and make many times your investment back.

So we’ve set the retail investment for this system at just $997.00. Which is really a no-brainer.
HOWEVER, we’re making it even more affordable right now for just $497. Yes, that’s more than HALF OFF!

Why would we do such a thing?
Well, maybe we shouldn’t. But frankly we can’t write for everyone that wants us to write for them. There are not enough days in the year for that. The next best thing is for us to empower as many entrepreneurs as possible to do it for themselves!

So we want to remove the barrier to entry for YOU to finally convert the way you should by putting the power of the Ultimate Sales Generator Copywriting System in your hands.
You’ll NEVER see it available for a lower investment than this.
NOTE: This is NOT a forever kind of offer. This is a resource we’re wanting to get into the hands of as many entrepreneurs as possible as quickly as possible. That’s why we’re offering such an extreme discount. It will not last and you can be sure that if you wait and hem and haw and come back “later” that there’s a good chance that the investment will have gone up. Don’t make that mistake. Grab this now while you can get the best discount we’ll ever offer for the Ultimate Sales Generator System.
And to make it an even easier “YES” for you,
we’re offering a full 365 day
100% money-back GUARANTEE …
Seriously, do yourself a favor and click the Order Now button below. You’ll be taken to our secure checkout page and once you fill out your payment and shipping details, we’ll send your system right away.  
So, don’t wait. If you want to EASILY create High-Converting Sales Copy, order The Ultimate Sales Generator System now while you can do so at HALF PRICE.

Let’s Do This Together!
Alyson Lex
Cofounder, Ask ACE LLC

P.S. Don’t forget … This is a LIMITED TIME 50% OFF Discount of the most valuable resource we have or will ever create.

P.P.S. Don’t waste any more time torturing yourself over how you’ll finally get your funnel built.

If a) you can’t afford $15k-$25k to hire a pro to do it for you, or
b) you finally get that you’ve got to master this skill so you can create COPY THAT CONVERTS whenever you want to sell something … you need this system.

You might as well save yourself $500.00 and order it now while you can get the great discount!

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