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Here's How To Get
From Your Marketing
If you are ACTIVELY marketing your business...
ACE Review Is The Fastest & Most Economical
Way For You To Get EXPERTS To Help You
Improve Your Marketing
Whether you’re new to direct response marketing, or are already marketing consistently, you’ll get BETTER RESULTS from all your efforts with an ACE Review.

No more doing it all yourself. No more guessing if you’re getting it right.

Winging it just isn’t going to cut it anymore.

This is too important.

Up until now there’s been no way for you to get real, honest, EXPERT feedback from creative marketing minds with hardcore direct response roots. Without that feedback, at best you’re relying on an in-house “proofer” to give your marketing the thumbs up before you spend money driving traffic to it or sending it in the mail.

To put it mildly, that’s costing you big time.
Maybe you haven't experienced a disaster yet, but the smallest psychological nuances can have a big impact on buying behavior.
Things like:
❌  The wrong word in a headline
❌  Unimportant “stuff” taking up valuable space
❌  Targeting the wrong audience
❌  A headline below the fold
❌  A too-weak call to action
❌  A funnel that isn’t set up properly
❌  The layout of your postcard
❌  A visually boring salesletter
❌  Ineffective bullet points
❌  Poorly optimized sales pages
❌  Confusing copy
❌  Lack of cosmetics
Can all have a significant impact on response.
Are you sure enough of your skills to catch every single direct response marketing mistake that you’re making in your marketing?
We're not. We're not so sure of ourselves that we don't get a second set of eyes on our marketing. That's why we have each other. We use each other all the time for private client projects.
And if trained, professional,
high-dollar copywriters 
get feedback on their copy...
Why Don't You?
We don’t go it alone.

You shouldn’t either. 

You need someone in your corner that will catch mistakes BEFORE they happen… and who will help you improve pieces that can be doing better once they’re implemented.
This whole marketing thing… this is what we DO. This is our expertise. So we’re getting our Direct Response hats on, and we’re going to take a look at your stuff. Not with our proofing hats (although we catch a lot of that, too)… but with expert eyes and Direct Response chops that have earned our clients millions of dollars in sales.
In fact, our private clients are using our reviews
at an astounding rate.
They know this is a deal that’s too good to pass up - because now they can get our expert eyes on everything they implement.

It used to be that you could either afford our done-for-you rates or you couldn’t. If you couldn’t, off you went to find a “cheaper” writer and hope you didn’t get screwed. Or you'd just have to wing it on your own.

The trouble with that was that even really savvy, sharp marketers who are schooled in the ways of Direct Response Copy and Direct Response Marketing in general … need a second set of eyes.

You simply get too close to your own stuff.

You can’t read the label inside the jar, as the saying goes. And frankly, if you’re investing a good bit of money in your marketing every month, you know you need to optimize that marketing.

Quite often, optimization is what our ACE Review Clients want most. For the newer marketers though this is the service you’ll rely on to help you implement at LIGHTNING speed! 
And as our mentor Bill Glazer always says...
"The Difference Between Average Income and Financial Freedom is IMPLEMENTATION."
With that in mind, if you're already doing it or SERIOUSLY COMMITTED to consistently, actively marketing your business, the ACE Review is a MUST.
We're going to make your marketing better 
while we make you a better marketer.
The service we offer is quite simple, but the results are profound:

You'll submit a marketing piece to us (a landing page, emails, a postcard, a letter, whatever) and we will return it to you marked up with our detailed suggestions for improvement.

Now, we’re not going to just tell you to “get a better headline” or “make your call to action stronger.”

No, we’re going to go in-depth with you and tell you WHY.

We’re going to give you suggestions on how you can improve your copy PLUS we’re going to give you the strategy and psychology behind it.

That means we’re spending a substantial amount of time with each one of your pieces - we’re asking questions, tweaking, sometimes even rewriting, and it’s all personalized specifically for you and your marketing.
Here's why these reviews are so valuable...
At the end of the day, we've got two ways we can help you:

Our high ticket done-for-you copy, where we create funnels like the ones you are or want to create in your business. And this option isn't cheap - our fees range from $8,000 to $25,000+, depending on the project.

But these reviews allow you to get inside our heads - to see what we know and have us apply it directly to your business. WithOUT paying those high fees.

You're still getting expert eyes on your marketing... but now, you're also able to learn how to become great at creating copy yourself. Now, you're able to have us improve your marketing withOUT the high-ticket done-for-you cost.
As long as you are actively marketing your business, the ACE Review is THE BEST way to get highly trained, experienced copywriters to focus on YOUR business, without having to pay those high ticket rates.
And Remember, We're Copy Experts But...
... we also both held the position of Director of Marketing for the largest provider of Information Marketing education in the world. There’s a lot we know about marketing. Ask away! We’ll always be honest if we don’t know the answer. And frankly, when we don’t know the answer, oftentimes we’ve “got a guy (or girl)” who does, so our connections will become your connections.
Here's How This Works:
You’ll submit reviews to us via e-mail that reaches BOTH our inboxes at the same time. (You’re always covered.) These reviews are really the magic of this membership.

But here’s the kicker: we have not limited how many pages of copy you can send us for one review. If you happen to have a 10-page sales letter that needs our attention, so be it. That’s what we’re here for.
That means you can send us your biggest sales piece and we’ll give you the same detailed feedback as if you send us a single e-mail. The possibilities truly are endless!
The powerful, consistent exercise of having your marketing reviewed will do several things for you and your business...
✔️️  Help you get BETTER RESULTS from your marketing investments

✔️️  Tighten up your skills (or the skills of your hired writer) so that all the marketing you produce in the future has a much better shot of getting you the results you want.

✔️️  Catch “Copy Kryptonite” mistakes before they ever go out the door – to save you money make sure you don’t squander opportunities.

✔️️  Give you CONFIDENCE knowing that you’ve had a 2nd set of expert eyes and feedback before you implement so your marketing is as good as it can be before it goes out.

✔️️  Help you GROW FASTER. With the right messages in place, you’ll SELL MORE and grow your business faster!

✔️️  Give you MOJO. Everyone needs a safety net sometimes. When you have no mojo, and especially when you’re feeling like you are really the only one that cares about your business we’ll be the team of copy experts that are your backup, treating your business like our business … providing insight and ideas and making sure you don’t send out marketing that doesn’t have any hope of converting (Amen, right?)
But that's just what WE think about why this service is so awesome. Our clients really say it best. See some of their comments below...
Jump On This!
"I personally worked with both Julie Boswell and Alyson Lex while they were part of the Marketing Team at Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle (GKIC) and continue to refer them today to several of my private clients.

Frankly, I don’t know anyone who is ultra-successful that doesn’t have resources they can count on to bounce ideas off of and also understands Direct Response copy that produces winning marketing campaigns and … Anyone would be a fool not to jump on the opportunity to add Julie and Alyson as a trusted resource to help them grow their business."
Bill Glazer
World Renowned Marketing Strategist
Author of the Bestelling 'Outrageous Advertising That's Outrageously Successful'
Jackie Kotei
Marketing & Visibility Strategist
Julie Makes Clients Come Out Of The Woodwork!
"As a former journalist, I'm really picky about who I trust to write copy for me and how my message is conveyed. I wanted a fresh set of eyes that could look at what I was great at and package it in a way to attract more ideal clients. Julie is one of those beautiful people that knows how to listen to who you are, where you are coming from and can get right to the heart of what you are trying to say.

Through my work with her I feel like my copy represents who I am and the value I bring to my clients.

I'd challenge anyone to get Julie's expertise focused on their business and somehow not come away with MUCH better marketing and more ideal clients. That's how she does it ... she helps you create connections with the people you want to work with and as a result, more of them come out of the woodwork ready to work with you."
Crafts The Perfect Language To Attract Your Target Audience!
"Alyson is one of those copywriting coaches who breaks things down into bite size manageable pieces that makes sense and feels even more doable.

Alyson can take the essence of any program or product and craft it into the perfect language that has the ability to attract your target audience like a bee to honey. It's amazing and quite honestly, an art form - an effective, revenue generating art form!

Worth every penny of the investment you'll make. Your bank account and sanity will thank you for making such a great decision!"
Theresa French
Transformational Speaker & Coach
Eric Stone
Owner, Avada Guitar Lessons
I Didn't Expect Orders THIS Fast! 
“My after-school guitar class flyers were distributed to families yesterday afternoon. I've already gotten a registration email from a mom with a PDF she created of the order form because they were so anxious to enroll. I definitely wasn't expecting anything this morning! Thank you so much!”
Julie's Help Makes ME A Better Writer!
“Julie was a HUGE help to me when she critiqued a sales letter I had written. She jumped in quickly and made it 100x better. Some minor changes, some major changes. Sometimes, just a word here and a word there, making it that much better.

I also loved that she gave me an explanation of WHY she did what she did. This makes ME better for my future copywriting projects. Overall, I will definitely use Julie and her services again. She is the real deal and has straight up, no nonsense knowledge or what works and what doesn’t.”
Becky Auer
Up A Notch Marketing, LLC
GKIC No BS Business Advisor
Jill Angie
Not Your Average Runner
Get Copy Advice 
On The Fly
“Alyson Lex and Julie Boswell - I just need to tell you that this group is amazing - I love being able to get sales copy advice on the fly, and your help has been really valuable! Thanks for starting this group and for being so awesome.”
Bill Gallagher
Gallagher Management Company
I Was Blown Away
“My piece went from boring and ineffective to a powerhouse piece of collateral. I was truly blown away by the transformation Julie was able to help me achieve."
If you’re ready to get MUCH BETTER results from your
marketing efforts, get your ACE Review right now!
We're so sure that you're going to find value in what we have to offer, we're even willing to guarantee it:
Simply click the button below to choose how many reviews you want!
Let's do this together,
P.S. Think about how fast you’re moving, how much you’re doing to market your business, and how much you’re investing (time, energy, money) …

And remember that even the smallest improvements to your marketing have the potential to yield HUGE results.

The ACE Review is not for everyone. It’s only for those who are committed to getting the best possible results and maximum return on their marketing investments.

If that describes YOU, get your review now and have more clients, more income, and more confidence next month.
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